Partner in dynamic publishing

Improve business performance with efficient and accurate information delivery

Forward-looking enterprises use the Interlagos Advanced Publishing System to produce better documents at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. Better designed, more readable, more understandable, more interesting, more appealing and approachable–always accurate.

Positive responses and customer respect are developed by the production of well-structured, well-designed documents that contain detailed information in an attractive and easily accessible format.

Companies are using the APS solution because it improves quality, eliminates cost and ensures compliance and information accuracy.

APS is the only enterprise software platform that gives you the flexibility and scalability—tens of thousands of documents per hour, or single documents containing tens of thousands of pages including indexes and TOCs—to create all types of sophisticated publications for our customers.

Our work includes:

  • The automatic production of bespoke pension brochures from data entered by sales administration
  • Creating Fund Factsheets from a mixture of XML, Excel and CSV files
  • Production of highly complex performance reports for major clients
  • Production of Fund Marketing Leaflets in multiple languages
  • Complex Parts Price Lists from an XML database
  • Production of Patient Information Leaflets in multiple languages
  • Daily Information sheets from an XML Editor