financial factsheets

Interlagos APS System – Factsheets

It used to be that offering up-to-the-minute fund performance data to clients and prospects gave you a competitive advantage, now it’s a condition of doing business. The need to produce factsheets within a maximum five-day time frame all too often results in deadlines taking precedence over presentation quality.

The primary problem is at the data gathering stage. Most of the data required is held in varying formats in numerous different databases. Information has to be gathered manually, reformatted and checked before the task of producing the factsheet even begins. Not only does this slow the process down but also the duplication of effort inevitably leads to an increase in costs.

The Interlagos APS system eliminates this problem and allows users to create Factsheets in a matter of hours of the data becoming available at source. Data is uploaded in its original format (Excel, XML, Comma Delimited, accounting system output or plain text) onto the Interlagos Servers via a web browser. The APS software checks the validity of data and processes it through its publishing engine producing the Factsheet as a web-ready PDF, a high resolution print ready PDF or HTML page as required.

And because PDFs are produced via a template system, strict adherence to corporate and brand guidelines is guaranteed. Standard corporate information is held in a static file, which means any changes to addresses, telephone numbers or disclaimers for example, are automatically transferred to all published literature. The facility to generate graphs and translate factsheets into a range of languages is integral to the system further reducing production time.
Key Benefits

• Consistent presentation across all media
• Strict adherence to Corporate & Brand Guidelines
• Improved accuracy
• Cost and time efficient
• IFA/Customer co-branding easily incorporated
• Integrated language and graphic origination facility
• Single point of entry for global changes
• Frees up the design department!