Sanlam Factsheets



Financial Fact Sheets


Time consuming manual production process

Data Sources

Excel Spreadsheets


Radically reduce production times from their 16 days average

Interlagos Response

Valued in excess of £7 billion, employing 15,000 people worldwide and managing in excess of £50 billion of client assets it was imperative that Sanlam found a faster and more efficient publishing method. The APS system enabled Sanlam to upload the same Excel spreadsheets currently used onto the dedicated Interlagos servers and to publish all 50 monthly factsheets within minutes of the data becoming available. The need for each individual factsheet to be manually laid out, designed and proofed was eradicated

Client Outcomes

– Minimised disruption by retaining a spreadsheet based system
– A more efficiently produced and accurate final product
– A better informed client

Since the initial project Sanlan have adopted the Interlagos APS system for further factsheets within their organisation