Patient Information Leaflets

NHS Foundation Trusts

PIPS (Patient Information Publishing Software) developed by Interlagos to address the specific needs of the NHS allowing Trusts to better produce and manage the thousands of patient information leaflets that are an integral part of offering quality patient care.

A typical Trust has to maintain between one and two thousand A5 booklets ranging from four to 40 pages, plus A4 factsheets and DL leaflets. Managing such a breadth of documentation involves a costly investment in both people and time and the numerous production methods employed takes its toll on the consistency of style and presentation.

PIPs dramatically transforms the way Trusts manage their patient information…

- Links to NHS Choices and NICE content allows leaflets to be generated quickly, while adding local branding

- Streamlines the production process placing it in control of a single entity,

- Ground breaking online format facilitates leaflet re-prints in minutes not days

- Static & mandatory changes implemented quickly and universally

- Template production method eliminates style & presentation inconsistencies

- Smart print facility optimises PDF production reducing print cost

- Embedded workflow software provides instant print management status reporting

- NHS Constitution, Care Quality Commission and NHS Litigation Authority compliant.

…high quality printed information at a fraction of the cost and fragment of the time it took previously.

Dynamic Leaflets

Interlagos has introduced a new feature in conjunction with Health and Care Videos. Embedded videos allow NHS Trusts to add videos to their leaflets. The PIPS system works by simply adding a special code to the leaflet which when scanned by the patient’s phone, accesses a video relevant to the patient’s care programme.

Visual prompts supporting the spoken word is acknowledged to be easier, more user friendly learning method, giving patients a more comprehensive understanding of the information we want them to take on board. A demonstration of an exercise or procedure is so much better communicated and assimilated through the moving image.

Healthcare – Mandatory Litigation Documentation

In line with the mandatory requirement to provide written information as part of informed consent, APS now provides a database-driven automated document generator to produce the required record.

The system combines approved text elements and selected medical illustration images from a variety of sources, into a PDF format, which can be customized to accommodate appropriate corporate guidelines and presentation styles.

The APS in-built multi-lingual facility allows the automatic production of the same leaflet in a wide range of different languages

 NHS Litigation Authority’s Risk Management programme 1999 and the 2002 implementation of the Care Standards Act of 2000,

PIPS is utilised in a number of healthcare applications:

Key features:
  • Accessed through an easy to use Browser
  • Standard information included in all documents needs to be only updated once
  • Consistent branding across all documents
  • Consistent Information across documents
  • Support for multiple indices for Directories
  • Savings in both time and money
  • Customised literature for different Hospitals/Doctors
  • Supports multiple languages