Automate the production of Spare Parts and Service Manuals

Electronic spare parts catalogues, service information systems and instruction manuals are all produced quickly, efficiently and cost effectively using Interlagos APS configurable, customisable standard software.

APS delivers all the necessary data - spare parts information, graphics, circuit diagrams, service manuals, service bulletins, etc. for the sales, service, repair and maintenance of products and spares. Documents can be produced in all the major languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, fully indexed by part number, product line or other preferred reference, all at the same time.

The software is specifically designed to provide…

• Spare parts catalogues (print, CD/DVD, Internet)

• Service information systems

• Spare part leaflets

• Instruction Manuals

…quickly, easily and cost effectively

Because APS is a template-based system accessed through a browser, it’s easy to use and guarantees consistency of branding and data across all documentation. Systems are individually designed to meet your requirements but importantly APS is easily integrated into existing IT environments and compatible with ERP, PLM, PDM, DMS, CAD, etc.

Importantly for a constantly changing market category such as this, global amendments can be implemented at the touch of a button and new documents produced within minutes. Because APS offers unlimited flexibility, literature can be easily customised by market, region and client.

Key features:
  • Accessed through an easy to use Browser
  • All systems designed to your unique requirements
  • Consistent branding across all documentation
  • Easy integration into your IT environment and your business processes; easy integration with ERP, PLM, PDM, DMS, CAD, etc.
  • Consistent data across all documents
  • Capability to customise literature for market regions/major clients
  • New documents produced within minutes
  • Global changes at the touch of a button
  • Capable of producing documents in a wide range of languages

The Interlagos System has saved companies thousands of pounds while speeding up the publishing processes.