Automating the production of a wide range of financial documents

Interlagos has been used in a wide variety of applications to automate publishing processes through the financial services industry.

Key benefits:
  • Savings in time and money
    Eliminates the design process from producing key marketing documents. Accessed via a simple Web browser the APS system allows users to generate hundreds of documents within hours by simply selecting the appropriate options. No design skills required.
  • Marketing Materials are always up to-date
    As all documents are automatically generated from the latest data. One change to the data automatically updates all your marketing materials.
  • Consistent Branding across all Publications
    Document templates are designed to Corporate Style Guides guaranteeing a consistent message across all publications and all media types.
  • Customise literature for Key Clients
    Presentations and literature can be co-branded on demand. Customised documents for key clients are easily produced.
  • Consistent message across all countries
    All marketing materials can be made available in a range of languages.
  • Global changes at the touch of a button
    Any change in corporate style or name can be immediately introduced across all marketing materials by a simple update.

The Interlagos System has saved companies thousands of pounds while speeding up the publishing processes.