client reports

Interlagos APS System – Client Reports

Fund Performance Reports

Where there is a need for a more detailed report, the APS System allows the data used to produce the quarterly or monthly factsheet to be repurposed into a more comprehensive commentary on fund performance. Each report is customised to reflect individual client portfolios. Reports can be generated as a PDF or in a PowerPoint compatible format and use of the graph generator ensures data is presented in an easily assimilated and visually attractive format.

Uniquely reports needn’t be restricted to the written word; using our active document system, fund manager commentaries can now be incorporated as video presentations though the use of QR codes printed on the literature and scanned using a mobile phone.

Asset Holding Reports

The APS system produces an Asset Holding report of multiple funds as a single booklet by taking the base data used for the Factsheets and separating out the assets and holdings of each of the funds as a standalone summary. Additional marketing information can be incorporated into the booklet where required.
Whether it’s a Fund Performance report or an Asset Holding Report, both can be produced with little user intervention minimising the input time whilst maximising the breadth of available client information.