fund guides

Fund Guides

Fund guides are an essential instrument in pension fund marketing but because they have to do so much; explain investment options, set out the risks, define the types of investments allowed and set out the charges against each fund, it inevitably turns out to be a time consuming and expensive document to produce.

Each scheme requires a bespoke guide not just because each specific fund is different but the ‘housekeeping’ detail of the fund such as scheme specific web addresses, phone numbers, company details etc. also needs to be individually tailored. It’s not surprising, therefore, that with this amount of information to compile many companies opt for a generalised approach.

The traditional method of production is to mark-up an existing scheme guide before embarking upon a full redesign. Since this is a manual exercise inevitably it leads to several proofing cycles and inconsistencies in presentation style.

The Interlagos APS system automatically builds the fund guide sentence by sentence whilst inserting Employer and Scheme names, fund information and the expenses and rebates specific to that scheme. Data can be extracted automatically from existing scheme information or built via forms, likewise any fund changes are easily incorporated making reprints quick and easy.

With APS production is a matter of hours rather than weeks and because corporate guidelines are strictly adhered to, each guide is clearly within the brand style.