Scottish Equitable Factsheets



Fact Sheets & Fund Reports


Manual production process and no dedicated production staff meant:

– Time consuming – 150 fund reports typically 8/9 week turnaround

– Prone to error – requiring many rounds of proof reading/correction

– Resource diverted from other projects

Data Sources

Excel,Microsoft Word and Financial Express Data Feed


Design a system that would

– Help improve productivity of marketing department

– Improve accuracy

– Capable of producing PDFs for both Web & print use

– Equally accommodate single page factsheets through to 80+ page reports

– Provide on-going support

Interlagos Response

Interlagos streamlined factsheet & fund report production through a fully automated template system incorporating Aegon Scottish Equitable design guidelines. Data is harvested for each batch of quarterly fund factsheets and uploaded to the APS hosted server. Batches of up to 100 reports are generated in approx. 10 minutes, complete with fund description and performance commentary text, tabular and graphical content, an automatically generated risk rating panel with appropriate value highlighted, and all presented within the corporate design guidelines.

Initial run in the summer of 2007 saw 357 single page fund factsheets produced and posted online for internal, IFA and customer use

With built in flexibility to allow for manual additions or editing of new fund sheets, running alongside the automated system, creating documents for rapid dissemination became both simple and reliable. The ongoing support from a dedicated Interlagos team ensured that any design and implementation issues were quickly addressed

Client Outcomes

– Vastly foreshortened production times

– Centralised production resulting in tighter control

– Reduction in cost of production

Since the initial project Interlagos have installed systems for the production of more complex factsheets, fund selection reports and performance reports as well as a set of individually tailored, more detailed, quarterly reports for larger clients all constructed using the same data as that used for the factsheets.