ABM Amro Marketing Brochures



Sales & Marketing materials – Fund Performance Leaflets


Manual publication process affecting:
– Speed of turnaround of essential sales data
– Publication frequency
– Ability to meet deadlines

Data Sources

– Data from internal systems from multiple formats


– Enable more comprehensive coverage of 600 funds
– Improve frequency of publication from quarterly at best to
  monthly at minimum
– Improve speed of publication and reduce ‘data to user’ time
– Enhance flexibility to support multiple versions of key funds
– Support multiple languages with minimal additional input
– Reduce number of man-hours

Interlagos Response

APS system developed and tailored to ABN Amro:
– Numerical data gathered in Excel files, combined into ZIP files and uploaded to APS
– Text and sales information/revisions, as required, entered manually
– Bullet point text, data fields and benchmark data checked
– Up to 20 leaflets for a specific language produced/updated instantly
– Initial APS production tests started January 2006 – full production by early March 2006
– System in continuous use producing 110 leaflets per month from seven templates, across five languages, representing around
  50 – 60 funds
– Leaflets produced as PDFs for internal publication and downloads from websites
– High-resolution CMYK or spot colour print produced via in-plant print facility from bespoke Interlagos designed template
– English, Dutch, French, German and Italian languages incorporated into the system

Client Outcomes

– Length of time to publish dramatically reduced,
– Volume of leaflets produced dramatically increased
– Rate of production improved from 10 – 15 leaflets per years to 110 per month
– Improved immediacy of data – from source to sales force within a week
– Improved accuracy from reduced proofing/checking rounds
– Marketing single point of contact for leaflet production reducing burden on DTP facility