Standard Life Pension Scheme Brochures



Pension Fund Guides


Large quantity of fund guides requiring standard & scheme level editions
– Labour intensive manual production process
– Inflexible format
– Inconsistent application of corporate style

Data Sources

– Data from multiple sources


– Standardisation of formats
– Browser based service via web interface
– Facilitate inputs from multiple users across a range of data
– Flexible formatting within given business ‘rules’
– Provide audit trail, management information and output data files

Interlagos Response

Interlagos selected through tender process as preferred supplier and APS system adapted to create fund guide enabling:
– Fund specific dynamic text combined with client specific information and data
– Incorporation of client branding
– Spreadsheet based data source
– Manual override facility for non-standard fund guides
– On-demand audit trail through embedded management reporting system

Client Outcomes

– The system has been live since January 2014 and currently maintains over 300 documents
– Greatly improved flexibility without sacrificing consistency of style
– Increased speed of production on both standard and customised guides
– Enhanced management information and control